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1-Minute Strategies: April ’12

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• Hold a mobile device at eye level to avoid “text neck.” Dr. Dean Fishman adopted the phrase after seeing a huge influx of younger patients visiting his chiropractor facility—complaining of neck, back, arm and shoulder pain.

 Avoid writing redundant combinations that give readers a sense of “deja vu all over again.” Examples: return back, continue on, progress forward, reiterate again, fast forward ahead, socialize together.

 Are you a frustrated people pleaser? Wayne Dyer, Ph.D., author of 10 Secrets of Success for Inner Peace, says, “You can never please everyone. In fact, if you please 50% of the people, you’re doing quite well.”

 Shift away from thumbdrives and toward the cloud for storing and sharing files. Those little devices are easy to lose, have limited storage and can stop working abruptly. Online storage options include Box.com, SkyDrive.live.com, iCloud.com and Dropbox.com.

 Switch between software programs without fumbling for the mouse. On a PC, hold down the Alt key and Tab key to see a box showing your open applications. To cycle through the icons, release and press the Tab key, letting go when you get to the program you want. On a Mac, the key combination is Command + Tab.

Discover your true passion by creating a three-column list, says career counselor Karen James Chopra. In the first column, write down every job you’ve ever had (including that lifeguard gig you had one summer). In the second, list what you liked. In the third, what you disliked. “I promise you,” she says, “themes emerge.”

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