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Plan for the inevitable: How to handle lost W-2s

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Employees call Payroll every year saying they’ve lost their W-2s.

Dealing with such requests can become a time-consuming headache, especially for larger organizations. Here are some tips for managing the reissued W-2 process.

√ Separate requests for reissued W-2s from other requests by having em­­ployees submit paper or email request forms. Ask that they put a specific phrase in the subject line, something like “Reissued W-2 Request.”

√ Trust but verify. Have employees personally authenticate their requests before reissuing W-2s. Why the extra step? This prevents ex-spouses from forg­ing signatures, impedes creditors who want to attach employees’ pay and thwarts iden­tity thieves from obtaining employees’ tax information.

√ Deliver smart. Personally release reissued W-2s only to employees. Have the employee sign for it. If employees can’t pick up their forms, over­night the document to them at their expense. One idea: You could release reissued W-2s once a week, on a day that’s convenient for you.

√ Identify the new version. Always type REISSUED STATEMENT at the top of a reissued form.

√ Add a cost. Charge employees a low but reasonable fee for reissued forms.

One advantage: Requiring employees to pay may encourage them to be more careful next year. But take note: Charging employees may violate wage-and-hour laws if the fee causes their wages to fall below the minimum wage.

√ Don’t send to SSA. Do not file Copy A of a reissued form with the Social Security Administration.

√ Assist the procrastinators. Have tax extension Form 4868 available for employees who contact you just before April 17.

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Steve March 23, 2012 at 1:55 am

File ur personal tax extension Form 4868 Before April 17th……….


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