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The HR I.Q. Test: March ’12

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in HR Management,Human Resources

1. A new study says men consistently rate their performance about 30% higher than what it actually was. Women consistently rate their ­performance:

a. 10% lower than it actually was

b. Just about exactly what it actually was

c. About 15% higher than it actually was

2. Starting next year, what will ­employers have to start reporting on employees’ W-2 forms?

a. The employee’s racial category

b. The employee’s immigration status

c. The value of the employee’s health care coverage

3. A new Philadelphia law that took effect in January made it illegal for employers to ask applicants what question?

a. If they’ve been convicted of a crime

b. If they’ve been unemployed for more than a year

c. If they’ve ever received public financial assistance

4. A ruling this year from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) says employers cannot require workers to sign arbitration agreements that:

a. Prevent class-action lawsuits

b. Prevent overtime claims

c. Prevent undocumented workers from participating in a claim

5.  Benefit costs make up what percentage of the average U.S. employee’s total compensation?

a. 17%

b. 24%

c. 30%

6.  Which was the only type of EEOC job discrimination complaint that decreased from 2010 to 2011?

a. Race

b. Sex

c. Age


Sources: 1. Columbia Business School study; 2. IRS; 3. Philadelphia Inquirer; 4. NLRB; 5. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; 6. EEOC.

Answers: 1.  c  2.  c  3.  a  4.  a  5.  c  6.  b

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