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TechNotes: Can’t find your cell? Try the bathroom

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in Office Technology

We won’t ask if you do it … but here are the latest stats on where most people are really using their cellphones.

The marketing agency 11mark re­­leased a survey that found 75% of those who use mobile phones do so while in the bathroom. For those under age 35, the number jumps to 91%. And 25% say they won’t go to the bathroom without it.

Seems these secret toilet texters among us do everything from talk to text to shop to just surf the web while in the bathroom. And it’s equal between the sexes.

Sixty-three percent report they have answered calls, with another 41% saying they have initiated a call, while seated there. It gets worse: 20% of males have at one time joined a conference call from the toilet. Thirteen percent of women have participated in meetings from the loo. That works out to every fifth male co-worker, and every eighth female colleague. Makes you want to think twice about pushing the FaceTime button unless you call ahead.

Android users are more likely to use their phones in the bathroom, followed by BlackBerry users. iPhone users are the most likely to use an app or check Facebook.

The “IT in the Toilet” study is based on an online survey of 1,000 Americans with mobile phones.

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