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Why playing nice pays

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in Business Etiquette,Workplace Communication

It still pays to play nice at work, a Robert Half survey confirms.

Employees were asked, “In your opinion, to what extent does being courteous to co-workers positively impact a person’s career prospects?”

Their responses:

Greatly, it can accelerate advancement: 48%

Somewhat, but skills play a ­bigger role: 41%

No impact at all. It’s who or what you know: 10%

“In most cases, a minor etiquette slip-up won’t likely be career-limiting if you quickly acknowledge it and learn from your mistake,” says Brett Good of Robert Half International. “But continual missteps have a cumulative effect that can chip away at your reputation.”

Mind your manners with these tips:

  • Keep it PG-rated. When you wonder if you should say something or not, that’s your internal voice telling you to zip it.
  • Don’t criticize others behind their backs. It’s called gossiping. Address problems head-on.
  • Keep your cool. It never, ever pays to raise your voice or fire off a rude email.

Source: Robert Half International.

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