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Sites that help you plan more effectively

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

Job hunting? Sales sourcing? Invest­ing? The right information helps you plan more effectively.

LinkedIn, www.linkedin.com, can connect you with individuals who can further your business goals. Click on "Companies" to begin your search. Then follow the company and view employees who have posted profiles. It’s also a great resource to help familiarize yourself with people you are about to meet.

EDGAR provides a great overview of an organization’s financial health. The SEC requires that all publicly held companies submit corporate and financial information to its Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrie­­val system, or EDGAR. At www.sec.gov/edgar.shtml you will find a wealth of important bottom-line filings.

Manta, www.manta.com, offers small to midsize businesses information on competing businesses and the opportunity to list your company in its extensive network. Promote your pro­­d­­ucts and services, research other businesses or industries and connect to share ideas with others in your industry.

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