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Have manager who hired also do the firing

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Firing,Human Resources

The same individual who hired an employee should also fire that em­­­ployee if necessary. Courts typically reason that no prejudiced person would hire someone and then later fire him because of discrimination, having known all along about the employee’s protected characteristics.

Recent case: Thomas Hansen was the highest-paid employee at a golf course. During the economic downturn, the course terminated him and he sued, alleging age discrimination.

He pointed out that all his duties had been assumed by two younger employees who kept their jobs.

The court dismissed the case after the golf course explained that the same manager who hired Hansen also made the decision to terminate him. The court reasoned that if age wasn’t a factor in Hansen’s hiring, it probably wasn’t in his termination, either. (Hansen v. Crown Golf, No. 10-C-226, ND IL, 2011)

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