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Make your New Year’s resolutions stick

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Rosalene Glickman, an author and president of the World Academy for Personal Development, often asks her clients if they made a New Year’s resolution and stuck with it. Out of the more than 3,000 people she has asked, only 6% said yes.

Most of us don’t stick with resolutions, sadly.

Advice from the experts in making this year’s resolutions stick:

1.  Make it specific. Say your resolution is to keep your desk cleaner. Attach a specific timeline to it by promising yourself, “I’m going to clean my desk every day at 5 p.m.”

2.  Build in some accountability. Tell someone what you plan to do. Or simply write down your goal.

Example: Bill Burnett, a venture partner with Roy’s Restaurants, says he’d been spoiled for years by a previous assistant, who did all the technical work for him. As a result, his computer skills were lacking.  

But the first year he tried to overcome his lack of computer know-how, he failed. Why? It required ongoing discipline, and without anyone to keep him in line, his goal fell by the wayside. The next year, he hired someone to help him learn.

3. Think about what you won’t be doing, rather than what you will be doing.

Karen Leland, president of Sterling Consulting Group and co-author of Watercooler Wisdom, says “People that are smart know how to say ‘yes’ to the things that really matter, and ‘no’ to the less important ones.”

— Adapted from “Office Resolutions Made Easy,” Inc.

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