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Tools to help travel warriors

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1. Turlytag.com: Lessen the dread of lost baggage by signing up for this service, which gives you colorful tags for luggage, laptops and phones. Each sticker gives a number to call and a website, in case the lost item is found. TurlyTag will retrieve and ship it to you.

Cost: $5 per month for 14 tags.

2. Boomerangit.com: Like TurlyTag, this service helps retrieve lost bags via labels. But these tags announce “Return for Reward,” along with a number and website for reporting the item. Finders get their own stickers, as well as the bounty from you. Boomerangit arranges for pickup and shipping.

Cost: $9.95 per year for six tags.

3. TripIt.com: Admins can keep track of everyone’s travel schedules by forwarding confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com on behalf of travelers. This service creates a detailed itinerary that you can access on the web or a smartphone. Want to see who’s where on any given day? Check the travel dashboard to see the company’s travel plans at a glance.

Cost: TripIt for Business starts at $29 a month for up to 10 users.

4. Autoslash.com: It hunts down the best rental-car deal for your trip. Even after you’ve reserved, if the site finds a better deal, it automatically rebooks it.

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