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The art of daily discipline

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in Office Management,Time Management

“Did you hear that Lori finished her certification program?” Ramona told a co-worker. “I mean she has as much work as the rest of us, family demands and yet she always seems to accomplish her goals. I haven’t even registered yet, given my schedule. I don’t know how she does it.”

Can you relate to Ramona? Do you find yourself watching time pass and still not beginning, let alone completing, what you say you want? Well, there’s no magic formula that allows Lori to succeed while you don’t. It all boils down to daily discipline.

Unlike Ramona, Lori simply in­­vested a small block of time each day on her true desires. For ex­­am­­ple, if Ramona really wanted to participate in her profession’s cer­­ti­­fi­­ca­­tion program, what’s stopping her from taking five minutes to register today? I believe it’s a combination of three things:

1.  All or nothing mentality. If I can’t spend a major chunk of time on this, why bother? It’s this type of thinking that keeps people from working out.

2.  Giant vs. baby-step mentality. Ramona is focusing on the total amount of time and energy it ­re­­quires for her to get certified, rather than believing she only needs to take baby steps in one direction.

3.  Should mentality. “This is some­­thing I should do.” Shoulds are often other people’s agenda, not your own. Perhaps Ramona doesn’t want to become certified but simply feels the pressure from others. Substitute the words will, choose or must. “I will become certified.”

What’s next? Create a specific time each day to make it happen. You’ll have the greatest success if you are consistent with your time-block, making it a habit or ritual. Being consistent creates daily discipline. Just a few minutes each day can move you in the right di­­rection, creating momentum. And with momentum it gets easier to stay the course.

Whether it’s reading a professional development book, or­­ga­­niz­­ing your desk, or getting certified in your career, bite off small chunks daily. Before too long, you’ll find yourself creating the required discipline to get what you truly desire.


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