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Don’t let the FLSA’s pay rules snow you under this winter

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in Centerpiece,Human Resources,Office Management,Overtime Labor Laws,Payroll Management

Winter isn’t a challenging season just because of the lousy weather. It’s tough on Payroll, which must ensure that the company’s pay policies jibe with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) when employees leave early, arrive late or just stay home because of snow.

Reminder: Not everyone has to deal with winter weather. Needless to say, what applies to blizzards also applies to other inclement-weather events.

Three FLSA rules for nonexempts 

The rules pertaining to hourly employees:

•    FLSA rule #1: Nonexempts need only be paid for the time worked; that applies to nonexempts who come in late or leave early. It also applies to those who decide to take a day off, and when the business decides to close early, open late or not to open at all. However, nonexempts are usually allowed to substitute accrued time for the time not worked. If nonexempts run out of accrued time, company policy may allow them to borrow time. If they can’t b...(register to read more)

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