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Reduce the load one column at a time

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in Office Management,Office Organizer

Fifty percent of a company’s paperwork can usually be eliminated, without disrupting business. How can you help reduce the distraction of unnecessary paper piles?

At one high-tech firm, a team that regularly prepared a 10-column monthly report finally asked, “Do we really need two of these columns?” No one objected, so they reduced the size of the report by two columns.

The following month, team members noticed duplicate information on the report. So they sent it out with only six columns. No response.

The next month, they decided to prepare the report but not send it. No one noticed. They skipped the following month, as well.

Finally, when they did send it out, it only had four columns and was called a quarterly report.

The only response came from the COO: “Great report. Simple, clear, to the point. Keep up the good work!” The new format became the new standard.

— Adapted from Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers, Robert Kriegel and David Brandt.

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