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5 things co-workers don’t want to hear

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Socializing at work is good for you, according to a jillion different studies.

What’s not so good is getting stuck in a conversation that seems to never end, about a colleague’s trip to the pet groomer or the adorable 10 things the co-worker’s child said yesterday.

Avoid these topics with colleagues, advises Anita Bruzzese, a syndicated columnist who writes about workplace issues:

1.  Your hobbies. “It’s great that you like to spin the hair from your golden retriever into yarn that you then turn into sweaters for sale on eBay,” she says. But don’t dwell on the details with co-workers.

2.  Your trivia knowledge. Save your Beatles trivia for Alex Trebek.

3.  Your kids. For example, skip the hourly updates on Johnny’s potty training progress.

4.  Technology. Avoid pontificating on the latest technology. “Most of your colleagues don’t consider your detailed analysis of how the iPad could be improved to be fascinating.”

5.  Complaints. Keep any complaints short, then move on to something more interesting.

— Adapted from “5 Things Your Colleagues Really Don’t Want to Know,” Anita Bruzzese, 45 Things.

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