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How am I so productive?

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in Office Management,Office Organizer

“How do you manage to be so productive?” That’s the question Jasmine Freeman recently heard from a fellow administrative professional.

Freeman’s job as chief executive assistant to Joan Burge at Office Dynamics keeps her busy supporting Burge’s day-to-day work and de­­veloping social me­­dia to support the business.

On the Office Dynamics blog (www.officedynamics.com/Blogs.aspx), she writes that a number of tools help her “keep on top of things.” Among them:

√ ActionMethod.com: It’s critical to keeping “all my projects/tasks in order by category and date, as well as items I have delegated out to ­others.”

√   Thinking Space (market.android.com): Do you use mind mapping? Freeman does. For a multipiece project, she maps everything out visually. “Thinking Space allows me to create or work on these mind maps from anywhere, anytime,” she says.

√   Calendar: She syncs it with her phone and her desktop. “I am in so many places anymore that I literally need to have everything in my calendar with a reminder.”

√   TweetCaster.com: “If you know me, you know I like to be social and use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blog regularly,” she says. She runs both of her Twitter accounts through this app and “loves” it.

√  OutofMilkApp.com: It’s a virtual shopping list that lives on an Android smartphone.

√   Dropbox.com: Keep your computer files in a place where you can always access them, no matter where you are.

√   ScanLife.com: It’s an app that turns a camera phone into a barcode scanner. Scanning products will give you product information and the option of downloading coupons.

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