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HR Professionals: Go Social or Go Stale

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How would you grade your social media intelligence? If you’ve been sticking your head in the ground and hoping all the Facebook/Twitter buzz would stop buzzing, a recent report says it’s time to start paying more attention.

In May, June and July of this year, more than 1,000 new online job ads for HR openings included requirements that the candidate holds social media skills, according to a study by research firm Wanted Analytics. That represents a 160% increase in such requests over the same 90-day period in 2010.

Hiring Demand For HR Professionals with Social Media Skills  (Source: Wanted Analytics)

Recruiters and training specialists are the HR occupations that most commonly calling for these skills. The five cities with the highest hiring demand for HR professionals with social media skills, in order: New York, Washington, D.C., Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia.

The study said employers are mostly looking for HR candidates to use social media channels to direct web traffic to career sites and attract passive candidates.

A recent Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) poll found that many HR professionals are shying away from using social media tools—especially in recruiting and screening applicants—due to fear of the legal risks. And an HR Specialist survey found similar results.

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Also, on Nov. 17, we’re hosting a special webinar, Employees Online: Social Media at Work.

So has your job required more social media skills — and how are you responding?
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