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Can’t stand the whining? Good, it’s a red flag.

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October 26, 2011  
Elizabeth Hall, Editor
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Can’t stand the whining? Good, it’s a red flag

Falls Church, Va. –What’s the difference between “good” negativity and “bad” negativity at work? Sometimes an employee playing devil’s advocate can draw attention to potential problems before they happen. But that’s very different from chronic whining, pessimism and the inability of some employees to get along with others.

Faced with such negativity, managers often feel frustrated and helpless. They may believe there is no way to change those with “personality problems,” so they just do their best to contain the damage. However, tolerating such harmful behaviors is not a smart strategy.  Instead, mangers should learn to quickly and effectively deal with employees who complain, criticize or try to stir up trouble.

“Chronic negativity frequently starts with only one or two people, but it can quickly infect an entire department. When this happens, the inevitable result is reduced productivity, damaged morale, and eventually increased turnover, so wise managers take steps to nip negativity in the bud,” says Marie G. McIntyre, Ph.D., author of Secrets to Winning at Office Politics.

McIntyre finds that negative attitudes are a common source of complaint from both managers and co-workers. “Negativity is one of those ‘most annoying’ behaviors,” she says. “It’s right up there with slacker co-workers and the use of foul language.  These people are simply not fun to work with.  They sap everyone’s energy and kill productivity.”

In reality, managers often unwittingly encourage negativity by being poor role models or using ineffective management techniques.  For that reason, the first step in combating a negativity problem is for managers to examine their own behavior.

To help train managers to effectively deal with negativity in the workplace, Business Management Daily has teamed up with Dr. McIntyre to present a 75-minute, interactive webinar on the topic. Dr.  McIntyre brings her 20 years' experience to the topic—sharing her field-tested advice to create a positive work environment for ALL employees and prevent negativity from hurting team morale.
The webinar, Keep Negativity From Infecting Your Workplace, will be held Thursday, Nov. 3,  at 1:00 p.m. ET.Dr. McIntyre will discuss specific, proven strategies for combating negativity and promoting more positive attitudes at work. The program focuses on dealing effectively with Whiners, Trouble-makers, Pessimists and other Difficult Employees and includes the following topics:
•    6 signs that your office may be infected with negativity
•    The hidden costs of a chronic negativity problem
•    Diagnosing the cause: What makes some people so negative?
•    Employees from the dark side: whiners, complainers, critics & pessimists
•    Active trouble-makers: tattletales, gossips, bullies & rabble-rousers
•    7 effective weapons in the war against negativity
•    How you may actually be rewarding your employees’ negative behavior
•    5-step Behavioral Coaching process that really makes an impact
•    How to re-engage resentful employees by flipping their "motivational switch"
•    Using the Team Turnaround process to “disinfect” an entire group
•    Termination: when removing the cause is the only cure
•    Recognizing systemic problems: 13 signs of a toxic workplace
•    Strategies for saving your sanity in a toxic organization

Great managers know how to be positive without being Pollyanna. They tackle work challenges with enthusiasm and passion, setting a visible example for other team members. They effectively deal with negative employees before they can bring down the entire team with their negative behavior.

It’s been proven: Banishing workplace snark and negativity makes employees happier, decreases turnover and boosts team morale. It can also stop formerly resentful employees from even thinking of filing a lawsuit and instead spend their time in more productive ways. Click here for more information.

About Your Office Coach
Marie G. McIntyre, Ph.D., has served as manager, business owner and the HR director at a Fortune 500 company.  She is the author of the book Secrets to Winning at Office Politics and writes a nationwide newspaper weekly advice column. Her coaching clients include The Home Depot, Tyson Foods, Panasonic, AT&T, Cisco and other major organizations.

About Business Management Daily
Business Management Daily, a division of Capitol Information Group, Inc., has been providing sound news and advice since 1937, giving business professionals the news, skills and strategies they need to grow their business, avoid legal pitfalls and advance careers. Visit us at www.BusinessManagementDaily.com  for webinars, online training resources, subscription newsletters, free reports, email updates.

Business Management Daily, a division of Capitol Information Group, Inc., is located at: 7600A Leesburg Pike, West Bldg - Suite 300, Falls Church, Va. 22043-2004; (703) 905-8000.

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