150 years after the Pony Express: How much safer are working conditions?


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November 1, 2011 
Elizabeth Hall, Editor
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150 years after the Pony Express: How much safer are working conditions? Take this quick quiz

Falls Church, Va.—One hundred and fifty years ago this month, the legendary Pony Express officially ceased operations (put out to pasture by the transcontinental telegraph).

Since November 1861 when the last run of the Pony Express was completed, labor conditions in the United States have improved dramatically.

To illustrate how far employment law has changed, The HR Specialist asked the editor of the HR Specialist’s Ohio Employment Law newsletter, Jon Hyman, to offer his analysis of a typical pony express job posting from the 1860s.  

Ads_Interview Bootcamp D

Can you spot the 7 contemporary employment law violations in this 1860s want ad for the Pony Express?

Hint: Look for examples of sex, age and weight discrimination; OSHA, ADA, EEOC, and minimum wage violations.  

The correct answers appear at:  http://www.businessmanagementdaily.com/pony

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