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More than crullers & coffee at Rockaway Dunkin’ Donuts

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in Employment Law,Human Resources

An employee at a Rockaway Dunkin’ Donuts faces prostitution charges after local police caught her supplementing her income by providing additional services. Police had re­­ceived an anonymous tip that the woman was making late-night trips to Dunkin’ Donuts a little sweeter for some patrons.

Police observed the employee visiting customers’ cars for 10 to 15 minutes. In some cases, they saw money change hands. Officers set up a sting operation in which an undercover officer asked about prices for various sexual services. When she provided details, the officer complained about the price and left, but came back later and negotiated a lower price. He then claimed he had to go to an automatic teller to get cash. The time allowed other police officers to get in place.

He and the employee then repaired to a dark corner of the parking lot. When she took the cash, she was arrested. Dunkin’ Donuts made no comment on the case.

Note: Round-the-clock operations often leave employees relatively un­­supervised overnight or during slow periods. If employees are engaged in illegal activities, that’s a threat to the business—and a good reason to consider electronic surveillance if a trustworthy manager can’t be on site at all times.

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