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Have a progressive discipline system? Beware giving more leeway to younger employees

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Human Resources,Leaders & Managers,Performance Reviews

It might make sense to give newer employees a bit more leeway when it comes to discipline for poor job performance. After all, sometimes it takes time to learn a job well.

But if the newer employees happen to be younger than another, older employee who doesn’t get the same benefit of the doubt, you may have an age discrimination lawsuit on your hands.

The best approach: Hold every em­­ployee to the same disciplinary standards. If you have a progressive discipline system, follow all of its steps unless you have a very good and defensible reason to deviate.

Recent case: Christine Earl worked as a recruiter for Nielsen Media Research. She was hired in 1994 at the age of 47 and fired at age 59.

Her job had been to sign up fam­ilies to track their television viewing habits. The job required careful adherence to demographic and lo­­cation standards so Nielsen could effectively market the information it gathered.

Nielsen had a comp...(register to read more)

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