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The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act covers all employers in the state and provides wage replacement for employees hurt on the job. The law provides payments to employees regardless of fault. That is, to earn benefits, injured employees don’t have to prove that their employers were negligent; they need only prove that the injury occurred at work.

Sounds simple, right? It's not.

To give you an idea of the complexity of the state’s Workers’ Compensation Act, consider that the Department of Labor’s guide to the law totals 361 pages itself. Yet, you can’t afford not to master the basics because workers’ comp claims are some of the most common employment claims your organization faces. Together with unemployment claims, injury claims typically make up the bulk of employment-related lawsuits for most employers.

Although the law is no-fault, a few exceptions do exist. For example, employees who die or are injured under th...(register to read more)

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