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Advanced PowerPoint: 5 shortcuts build better presentations

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in Office Technology,PowerPoint Tricks

1. Shift between overlapping objects on slides easily. Using the mouse to move between a complex collection of overlapping objects on a slide can prove tricky. Try Tab to move between them instead.

2. Select the previous object on a slide. Shift+Tab works the same as above, but in the other direction.

3. Create duplicate objects. When creating complex diagrams or screen simulations, duplicate objects may be useful. Left-click, copy, click off first object, right-click paste, gets shortened to Ctrl+D. That’s also one less keystroke than Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V!

4. Type less text. In the Navi­ga­tion pane, go to the Outline tab. The first item you type will automatically be put in Title Slide layout. Press tab and you’re in the subtitle placeholder. Pressing Enter and Shift+Tab will generate a second slide in Title and Content layout. Pressing Enter and Tab will allow you to enter your bullets. This will provide a clean document where you can create detailed speaker notes.

5. Master Slide Masters. Many people shy away from working with Slide Masters because they think they’re too complicated. With the newer versions of PowerPoint, Slide Masters are a breeze.

From the View tab and the Presentation Views group, click on the Slide Master button. Before you start clicking, keep in mind that the slides on the left show all the layouts available to you: These are not your slides.

Want to make a change to affect all your slides? Scroll all the way up and change the first one. This is great for inserting a web address or a logo on every slide.

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