Better meetings 101: Prep participants to arrive engaged

One way you can help team meetings run more smoothly is to make sure attendees come to any meeting ready to engage. Try these two tips from Al Pittampalli, author of Read This Before Our Next Meeting:

1. Tap into the drama

Why does this meeting matter? Is the meeting worthy of their time and talent? On, Pittampalli says that conflict and drama are what get people excited. Is this meeting the beginning of something big? Is there a competitive threat looming that makes this meeting urgent? Then say so when you send out the meeting invitation.

Tip: Be authentic. Don’t make up drama if it doesn’t exist.

2. Tell them why they were picked

What unique skill, perspective or experience makes each participant suited for this meeting? Use the meeting invitation as an opportunity to acknowledge them for that. Example: “Ed, you’ve been asked to be a part of this team because of your success with the XYZ project and the experimental approach you brought to that project. You’ll find attached some background material on the first agenda item. Please prepare for the discussion from the perspective of an experimenter.”

By changing the way attendees show up for meetings, you can help transform the work that happens inside of them.