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Office 2007-2010

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in Microsoft Office Training,Office Technology

Office 2007-2010 takes some getting used to, even with all the great new features. The most common frustration is “Where did they put my icons?!”

The ribbon is basically organized “most commonly” to “least commonly used,” left to right. However, it may still take you some time to locate a button or icon. As soon as you do, if it is one you use frequently, right-click on it and choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar. It is now on the small toolbar in the far upper-left corner of the screen.

The ALT key

If you ever clicked Alt+F to drop down your File menu, or Alt+W for the Windows menu, you can do the same in newer Office versions. Just tap the Alt key!

In Office 2007, the letter F pops up over the Office button. That’s how many users figured out what the Office button could do in the 2007 version! Simply typing a letter exposes the letters for the buttons in that ribbon. For example Alt, M, S, W will bring you into the Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard in Word. Hit Alt twice in succession to bring up the main tab letters again.

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