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The HR I.Q. Test: September ’11

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in Human Resources

1. A federal court recently ruled that Abercrombie & Fitch violated federal religious discrimination law by refusing to hire a woman because she:

    a. Asked for Sundays off

    b. Wore a hijab, or head scarf

    c. Wore a necklace with a religious symbol

2. The federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act protects people age 40 or older from discrimination. The law also protects younger workers from “youth discrimination.”

    a. True

    b. False, but some states have such laws

3. This summer, which state was the first to require service-related employers to provide paid sick leave to their employees?

    a. Illinois

    b. Florida

    c. Connecticut

4. What are the top three personal attributes (in order) that would make an employee less appealing for a promotion, according to a Career­Builder survey:

    a. Visible tattoo, dressed too casually, bad breath

    b. Dressed too casually, visible tattoo, messy workspace

    c. Piercings, bad breath, visible tattoo

5. Employees say they are most distracted in the workplace by these three things (in order of most annoying):

    a. Personnel (gossip, romances); Technology (emails, phone calls); Meetings

    b. Surroundings (music, noise); Technology; Meetings

    c. Technology; Personnel; Surroundings

6. In 2008, 26% of U.S. adults said they used social networking sites. What percentage use such sites today?

    a. 47%     b. 62%     c. 81%


Source: 1. EEOC; 2. EEOC; 3. The HR Specialist; 4. CareerBuilder survey; 5. Workplace Options survey; 6. Pew Research Center survey.

Answers: 1. b   2. b   3. c   4. c  5. a   6. a

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