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The Georgia workers’ compensation system protects employees who are injured on the job by replacing lost wages while they recover. The system works as a no-fault guarantee. The law entitles employees who can show they were hurt while working a portion of their earnings and paid medical care for their injuries. They needn’t prove their employer was negligent. In exchange for the no-fault guarantee, the law doesn’t allow employees to sue for negligence and collect far more than just lost wages and medical payments.

The State Board of Workers’ Compensation (http://sbwc.georgia.gov) administers the law, which the state legislature modified in 2006.

In some cases, employees aren’t entitled to workers’ compensation payments:

  • If they’re injured while intoxicated from alcohol or illegal drugs or refuse to submit to a drug test following the accident
  • If they’re injured while attempting to injure themselves or unlaw...(register to read more)

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