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Are you underusing your mouse?

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in Office Technology

If you’re ignoring the middle button (or scroll wheel) on your mouse, you’re missing some shortcuts and only using your mouse to 70% capacity.

Odds are, you get around documents and web sites just fine without using it, but, as Rick Broida points out in PC World magazine, there’s a world of potential in that little button.

Here’s how to get more out of browsing with the middle button:

Close browser tabs quickly. Say you have eight tabs open in your browser, and you’re ready to close a few. If you’re in Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can middle-click a tab—without having to “activate” the web page—and it disappears.

Open a link in a new tab by middle-clicking it. You can do the same thing by holding down the Ctrl key and left-clicking, but this makes it even easier.

Launch all your favorite sites. Do you have a roundup of web sites you visit daily, organized in a favorites folder? Middle-click the folder, regardless of where it is, and instantly open every link.

Scroll. Click and hold the middle button to trigger a page-scrolling option. Now you can drag your mouse forward or back to scroll up or down the page. It’s similar to using a scroll wheel, but the speed is different. So even if you’re a wheel-scroller, you may like this method.

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