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5 traits for rising to the top

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in Workplace Communication

What does it take to reach the top of your game, professionally? Women, at least, can learn much from a new book, How Remarkable Women Lead, by Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston.

The authors spent five years on research and 100 in-depth interviews with women leaders from around the world. They discovered that women who excel share these five qualities:

1. They believe their jobs have meaning. “Men work for pay or for attention, but for these women, they want to make a difference,” Barsh says. The happiness they get from their jobs is motivating and gives them purpose, she says.

2. They confront life in a constructive way. “They step outside of negative or pessimistic feelings, and reframe how they see the situation,” Barsh says. By framing things in a positive way, women gain clarity, energy and flexibility, she adds.

3. They work at building connections. No surprise here: Women leaders practice inclusiveness and collaboration at all levels, the authors say.

4. They put aside their own fears to make things happen. The women spoke up for themselves, took chances and seized opportunities.

5. They find the source of their energy. “For me, my strength is built by beauty. So it means that I look at art or listen to music when I need to recharge. Other people may find being alone and quiet builds their energy and strength, or that being around other people energizes them. It’s whatever works for you,” Barsh says.

Women leaders also advised avoiding “energy vampires.”

— Adapted from “5 Tips for Women to Become Leaders,” Anita Bruzzese, www.45things.com.

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