Local Discrimination Ordinances in Texas

Several Texas cities and towns have made it illegal to discriminate in employment (hiring, firing, pay, promotions, etc.) on the basis of an employee or applicant’s sexual orientation.

For example, the following jurisdictions outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation:

Austin: Several city ordinances make it illegal to deny access to public accommodations or discriminate in employment based on gender identity or sexual orientation. It’s also illegal to discriminate against people with AIDS, those who are HIV-infected or anyone associated with people who are infected. You can read the ordinances at www.amlegal.com/library/tx (click on Austin, code).

Dallas: The city prohibits employment discrimination based on sexual orientation by employers that have 15 or more employees. The city defines sexual orientation as “an individual’s real or perceived orientation as heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual, or an individual’s real or perceived gender identity.”

Other Texas cities that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation: El Paso, Fort Worth and Houston.

Bottom line: Check with your local governments to become aware of any key employment-related discrimination laws in your area.

Excerpted from Texas’ 10 Most Critical Employment Laws, a special bonus report available to subscribers of HR Specialist: Texas Employment Law.