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Managing the Twitter chatter

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in Office Technology

Tried Twitter but find the deluge of information-sharing too much to manage? If that sounds like you, these web sites and services can help you manage the chatter and enrich your communication:

TwInbox is a free plug-in that adds a Twitter toolbar to Outlook. It organizes all your tweets in an Outlook folder.

WeFollow.com, MrTweet.com and WhoShouldIFollow.com help you figure out whom to “follow.” A finely tuned list is the first step toward making it manageable.

Example: On WeFollow, you can peruse lists of the most active, influential tweeters by category, such as entrepreneur, media, tech and shopping.

Twitpic.com and Posterous.com let you include photos or even videos as part of your tweets. Posterous, for example, takes your photos, MP3 files or videos and loads them on a web page, then gives you a link to post. Readers click the link to view or listen.

Curious about how you’re doing? Calculate your influence in the Twittersphere with TwitterCounter.com and TwitAnalyzer.com.

Twitoaster.com helps organize tweets by grouping replies with the tweets that inspired them. Why is that useful? Because Twitter doesn’t hang onto tweets forever, but Twitoaster does. You may receive a reply to something you sent days ago, then have trouble finding the original tweet. Or you may want to collect and keep a thread related to a particular topic.

Twitter has turned into a go-to tool for organizations and workers who want to connect with consumers, expedite customer service and build their brands. And with the help of add-on tools, you can make better sense of the information flow.

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