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Can we institute blanket ban on smoking on company property?

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in Human Resources

Q. We run a carry-out/catering kitchen. Can we legally tell all our employees and customers that they can’t smoke on the property?

You may even be required to prohibit smoking. Pennsylvania has a ban on smoking in all enclosed workspaces, with few exceptions. Some counties and municipalities have their own ordinances. Even without this legal requirement, you are certainly permitted to prohibit smoking on your premises.

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Joanna Schenck January 9, 2016 at 8:18 pm

This is my two sense worth: The company that I work for had allowed smoking in the building for many years. All the laws changed so all of us smokers were sent outside the building. The company did give us a little tin building to use. It did have air conditioner and a heater. They took that away and gave us a building with no heater or air conditioner nor any windows. I do understand the laws for the non smokers, but we are people too. We have always been allowed to go outside on our breaks. This is a food manufacturing, so USDA is in the plant at all times. They sat outside with us, and they had no problem being outside and wearing the white uniforms. Now they said that there will no more smoking on company property. This means the parking lot. They said that we could go across the road to smoke. This company is really big on safety but they send us to the road to cross traffic that consist of a lot of semi truck, cars and other vehicles. Since I wear white uniform I cannot go outside unless I change my clothes. Thirty minutes is all I get for lunch. This is not enough time to leave my job site, eat lunch, change my clothes, clock out, walk don’t run to the road, smoke my cigarette and go back inside clock back in change my clothes and get to my job site. I really do understand the laws, but on the other side. I sit inside during my breaks, and I have to listen to people reciting the bible, every other word is the f word, talking about people, complaining about their jobs. But the worse thing that REALLY irritates me is all the perfume. All the people have their own little group that sits in the same place everyday. We the people that smoke that smoke shack was our place. We talk about hunting, fishing, and our families. This was our stress release time. In my opinion being outside didn’t offend anyone. With these new rules I can’t use my phone, no reception inside, this means that I can’t call home, or talk to my family that lives in another state, I can’t make doctor appointments, nor call the vet for my dog. I feel that I am being condemned because I smoke. I don’t force smoking on people, why am I treated like I am contagious. Wasn’t sending smokers outside enough? Now I feel like a prisoner once I get to work. I don’t like being condemned for my habit, when no one is perfect. Thank you for reading this long note. Why are people so worried about everyone else. Take care of yourself and I’ll take care of me. When push comes to shove are these people that complains about smokers, pay my bills or take me to the doctor or even pay to have my car serviced. NO


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