What are California’s requirements for employee resting & eating facilities?

Q. Are there any specific requirements regarding the types of resting and eating facilities California employers must provide for their workers?

Yes. California wage orders set forth certain rather vague requirements for the establishment of resting, eating and changing facilities for employees. First, “suitable resting facilities,” separate from the toilet rooms, must be available to employees during work hours
If workers are required to change their clothing, a changing area must be provided so they may change in “reasonable privacy and comfort.” The space can be adjacent to, but must be separate from, the toilet rooms. When necessary, employers also must provide suitable lockers.

If employees are required to eat on the employer’s premises, a “suitable place” for eating must be provided. If a meal period occurs during a shift beginning or ending at or between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., the employer must provide facilities where employees can obtain hot food and drinks or where food and drinks can be heated and then consumed.