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1-Minute Strategies: Dec. ’08

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Pace yourself perfectly when leaving a voice mail by using this trick:  As you say your phone number, write it in the air with your finger. If you can’t write it as quickly as your tongue wants to say it, neither can the recipient.

Trim time spent and gas consumed by adopting this UPS Inc. tactic: Only turn right. Since UPS adopted the policy for all its delivery trucks, the company says it has saved an amazing 3 million gallons of gas. Plot your course in advance to avoid as many left turns as possible.

Act like an ant to reach your goal. When ants encounter a barrier, they go under, over or around it. Ants perform seemingly impossible feats. They stay focused and undeterred, even when lifting something 20 times their size.

Stay on the right path with a free service called Dial Directions (www.dialdirections.com). Dial DIR-ECT-IONS ([347] 328-4667) and receive a prompt for information. Once the service has your starting location and final destination, it texts directions to your phone or a web link.

Assume others have positive intent. That’s one of the best pieces of advice that Financial Times Managing Editor Chrystia Freeland says she ever received. “It’s very easy to get caught up in thinking that the people you’re dealing with are being critical of you, and sometimes that’s true, of course; but it’s not always true, and sometimes you actually make it true by thinking that way.”

Turn an ordinary office directory into a tool for jump-starting new hires and building a more collaborative workplace. Beside each employee’s name, suggest topics that a new hire should discuss with the person, and explain why that relationship is important. Example: “Ask Deb about the company’s history. She’s worked here for 30 years and keeps our company stories alive.”

Build your network—and flaunt your professional knowledge —using Twitter. Signing up for a Twitter account takes about 15 seconds. (Tip: Check out the Wikipedia entry or the “Twitter in Plain English” video on YouTube.com.) Then start “tweeting” about cool work-related things you’ve discovered—a great article, a new web site or an intriguing idea—including a link when possible.

Make your notes stand out
with personal notecards featuring an illustrated “you” printed right on them. Designhergals.com lets you design (and outfit) working girls who resemble you. Once your “Gal” is designed, stick her image on stationery, notepads, stickers, personal notecards, etc. Add your name, e-mail address or favorite catchphrase to it. And feel good: 5% of every purchase goes to support Stage IV breast cancer patients.

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