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Turn enthusiasm into results

When rah-rah theatrics aren’t enough

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in Office Management

While it’s fine to spark enthusiasm in your team, too much exuberance can be a distraction. Just because everyone runs around the office pumping their fists and exchanging high-fives doesn’t mean they’re producing results.

Here are some ways to harness employee enthusiasm:

Reinforce measurable goals. Whenever workers express excitement about their jobs, that’s your chance to step in and check up on their progress. Acknowledge their enthusiasm and tie it to a specific business objective. Say, “It’s great that you’re so excited about this. So am I. Given our monthly production goals, are you on track to meet or exceed them?”

Translate enthusiasm into commitment. The best time to gain commitments from your workers is when they’re pumped up. If you want them to accept more work or new procedures, present your request as a natural outgrowth of their spirit. Say, “To deliver even better results, here’s what we can do.”

Model a different kind of enthusiasm. As the manager, your employees look to you to share in their excitement. You can subtly redirect their attention to more concrete business matters by choosing when to show enthusiasm and when to withhold it. Example: If you want your team to devote more energy to controlling expenses rather than landing new accounts, then exhibit the most passion for cutting costs.

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