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Call attention to your remarks

Package your points so others listen

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in Leaders & Managers,Workplace Communication

To ensure that your message sinks in, you can raise your voice or repeat yourself. But there are gentler and more effective ways to drill home an important point to your staff.

Try these techniques to enliven your remarks to capture others’ attention:

Cite a startling fact. Before diving into the meat of your message, whet the audience’s appetite to hear more by surprising them. For example, if you’re going to evaluate marketing opportunities in Alaska, begin by noting that the entire state’s population is less than Columbus, Ohio.

The easiest place to unearth tantalizing facts is to browse a Web search engine or check an encyclopedia. By beginning with an eye-opening fact, you not only spark interest but also make others wonder what else you have in store. You’ll captivate them to want to stay tuned for more.

Teach a history lesson. Place your subject in a historical framework. That helps listeners put your topic in the proper context so that they understand it better. For example, if you work at a public company, peruse old annual reports and compare financial results from years ago to today’s numbers.

Shift your viewpoint. Guide your listeners to think about the subject from an entirely different perspective. Encourage them to pretend that they’re hearing your message as young children, or an alien who’s studying earthlings, or someone with amnesia. By asking them to step outside of their routine and listen from a fresh vantage point, they will definitely pay attention and possibly come away with new-found insights.

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