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A listening test

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in Leaders & Managers

Take this test to assess how well you listen:

1. When I ask a question and don’t get a prompt response, I:
a. Ask the question again.
b. Ignore the question and move on.
c. Ask a different question.
d. Wait 10 seconds for an answer.

2. I make eye contact with speakers:
a. When I want them to realize
I’m listening.
b. All the time.
c. To intimidate them.
d. Sometimes; I don’t really know.

3. When I don’t understand something, I’ll:
a. Keep quiet and try to understand it
in context.
b. Politely ask, “Can you rephrase that?”
c. Nod as if I understand.
d. Disregard it.

4. When I start to get bored with a speaker, I’ll:
a. Tune out while pretending to listen.
b. Interrupt to steer the conversation on a more lively path.
c. Prompt him to wrap up by summarizing his remarks or asking for a
d. Paraphrase what I hear to be polite.

5. You can tell I’m listening well if:
a. I’m nodding or smiling.
b. I prompt a speaker often (examples: “Go on” or “You don’t say”).
c. I keep quiet.
d. I align myself physically with the speaker.

Correct answers: 1. d; 2. b; 3. b; 4. c; 5. d.

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