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Spot opportunities amid the daily chaos

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in Leaders & Managers,Workplace Communication

Every day is filled with interruptions, ringing phones and a flood of incoming information. Yet, certain events each day are different from everything else. They’re opportunities. Unless you’re on the lookout for them, they pass you by. To catch them:
  • Look for them in stressful situations. When an important client calls and starts a serious discussion, it might present an opportunity to resolve a problem, to pave the way for new business or to reach toward other worthwhile goals. See beyond the stress.

  • Enjoy the chaos. With the right outlook, even ringing phones, interruptions and sudden demands on your time can be fascinating and even fun. You become almost like a goalie in a hockey game. A lot of things are flying your way at once, yet you discover that you can deal with them all as you stay tuned to the larger strategies that are part of the game.
— Adapted from Take Control of Your Life, Richard Shoup, McGraw-Hill.

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