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Landmark N.J. Ruling Adds New Reason to Monitor Internet Usage

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in Compensation and Benefits,Human Resources,Leaders & Managers,Management Training

by Sandro Polledri, Esq., Genova, Burns & Vernoia

Each year, employees spend hundreds of hours of “work time” checking personal e-mails, the weather, sports scores or the latest Web sites. Although hardly productive, these minor distractions pale in comparison to some of the more dangerous activities in which some employees engage.

When employees use work computers for inappropriate purposes, such as hunting for pornography, interacting with minors for sexual purposes or transmitting pornographic images, they violate the law and put their employer at risk.

Both federal and New Jersey state statutes hold perpetrators criminally liable for the possession or viewing of child pornography. But a recent New Jersey Appellate Division decision opens the door for employers to be held civilly liable for failing to prevent these acts.

The case: Illicit Internet usage

In Jane and Jill Doe v. XYZ Corporation (382 N.J. Super. 122...(register to read more)

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