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Screening/Hiring: Overview

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Hiring,Human Resources

Protecting yourself and your company from lawsuits starts the minute you decide to hire someone. Potential lawsuit land mines line your path.

What’s the best course of action? First, you need a job description that’s accurate, job related, nondiscriminatory and up to date. Next, you need to advertise the opening in a way that complies with state, federal and local anti-discrimination laws and attracts qualified candidates. Then you need to arrange and conduct interviews in a way that accommodates applicants with disabilities and shows that you aren’t using the process to screen out qualified members of protected classes. Finally, you must have a selection process that is blind to a candidate’s race, sex, age (if over 40), national origin and religion and that offers reasonable accommodations to qualified disabled applicants.

Federal laws have created a labyrinth of employee protections, and even employers that unintentional...(register to read more)

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