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Me or I?

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in Workplace Communication

Many of our top executives use I and me wrong in their sentences. For example:

Please join Tim and I for lunch.

Give a copy of the report to Tim and I.

What is the rule?

—Sandra Rudolph Katz, Regions Bank, Miami

Dear Sandra,

The rule is: They shouldn’t be using “I” in either example.

A simple way to figure out whether it’s time for an “I” or a “me” is to drop the “Tim and,” in the sentence and then see which one sounds right, “I” or “me.”

When you remove the extra person (Tim), it becomes clear that the top execs wouldn’t say “Please join I for lunch,” or “Give a copy of the report to I.”

So, should you point out the error? It depends on the boss. You might start with a conversation in which you ask, “How much proofreading would you like me to do when I send something out on your behalf? Would you like me to let you know if I come across a grammatical problem?”

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