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Turn your cell phone into a BlackBerry

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in Office Technology

You don't need a BlackBerry or a Smartphone to stay in touch with your e-mail, even when you’re away from your desk, reports David Pogue in The New York Times. Thanks to three free services, you can monitor updates from important people (i.e., the boss) when you’ve been waylaid, stuck in a long meeting or dashing around on errands.

1. Gmail for Mobile (www.mobile.gmail.com): Open the program and your phone screen displays a tiny version of Gmail.com. It holds all the functionality, including opening Word and PDF documents on your cell phone. It replicates anything you do—deleting messages or sending replies—on Gmail’s web version. The catch? Gmail for Mobile works with only about 300 cell phone models. Visit mobile.google.com and enter your phone number. Google will send a text message to your phone with a download link, or tell you that your phone won’t work.

2. Yahoo Go 2.0 (www.mobile.yahoo.com): Like Gmail, it will replicate anything you send or delete at your computer, and you can open Microsoft Office documents. The catch? It’s slower to run, and it only boots-up on a limited number of phone models, such as Smartphone models, newer Razr phones and some Nokia phones.

3. TeleFlip (www.teleflip.com): Go to the site, type in your mobile phone number and e-mail address, and the service reroutes e-mails into your cell phone’s SMS text message inbox. Tip: Before signing up, make sure you have a generous allowance for text messages on your cell phone plan. (You don’t want to pay 15 cents for every e-mail.) TeleFlip is compatible with every e-mail program or service, including Outlook, AOL and Gmail. No catch on this one, except that you’ll have to enter “approved” e-mail addresses on the site; only those people’s messages will reach your phone.

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