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Two new web services can help you accomplish more

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in Office Technology

Two new web services can help you accomplish more:

1. Save yourself a note with Jott. Say you’re driving home or walking outside during lunch and have an important thought. Jott can capture it. Use your speed dial to call Jott: (877) 568-8486. Talk for 30 seconds and Jott turns what you say into text, and then sends it to you via e-mail. Go to www.jott.com.

2. Coordinate a meeting with Doodle. Trying to schedule a meeting for 15 people can be a nightmare. E-mails fly back and forth as you try to find the perfect date and time. Doodle lets participants vote on the time, date, location, etc. You can sit back and watch the votes come in, and then nail down the winner. Check it out at www.doodle.ch.

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