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Try online itineraries

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Travel easier with online services:

Create organized, polished-looking itineraries with the handy online tool TripIt (tripit.com). Forward your travel plans to plans@tripit.com, and the site formats all your information into one master itinerary. Then it adds related information, including weather, local maps, driving directions, travel guides and more.

Now that your itinerary is in TripIt, you can tap into even more options. Because it’s online, your itinerary is accessible from anywhere, even a mobile device. And you can create a network of “TripIt Friends,” to share detailed itineraries with people who need to know your travel plans.

Use the free luggage-tagging service of bagsreunited.com to keep your bags from ever getting lost.

Just print a tag, which is the size of a business card, from your computer and insert it into a conventional luggage-tag holder. The printout contains a code, allowing anyone who finds your bag a way to search online for contact information and airline itineraries.

The site globalbagtag.com offers a similar service for $20 a bag.

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