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Simple way to cure a case of the ALL CAPS

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in Office Technology

Ever receive a spreadsheet where someone entered the entire field in ALL UPPER CASE? How do you change the field to upper and lower cases?

Try this tip, recommends software whiz Jim Spellos of Meeting U (

Let’s say in cell A1, you have the first and last name as an all-upper-case entry: Example: JAMES BROWN. You can make the change by using a formula.

In cell B1, enter the following formula: =proper(a1)

That will return the proper case (first letter of each word caps) for that cell. If you want all lower or upper case, then it looks like this: =lower(a1) or =upper(a1)

One challenge: If you change or delete the original column (A), the new formula will change (or be removed) as well. To remedy that, once you’ve made the changes to the column, select all the newly created formulas, and hit your copy key. You’ll see those dashed lines around the text you’ve selected.

Now, don’t paste and don’t move your cursor anywhere else. Instead, paste right over this text.

Select Edit menu. Choose “Paste Special.” Select “Values” button, and then hit “OK.”

This special paste process now converts the formula =proper(a1), to that value. Now, even if you eliminate the original column one, your new information remains intact.

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