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Lead your players to a winning hand

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Beating the competition and playing a winning hand often involves making the best use of the talent you’ve been dealt. Here’s how to size up your hand and lead your players:
  • Diamond players like to seize on emerging ideas and imagine new ways to solve problems. They love new possibilities. Treat them as entrepreneurs, and give them lots of room. But remember: They need other suits to keep them grounded. Give them clubs, spades and hearts.

  • Club people champion good ideas, initiate change and make it happen. They’re powerful at building organizations. Clubs say, “Let’s do it.” Put them in charge of a big, complex project. Once it’s up and running, however, give them a new challenge.

  • Spade talents like to organize and complete projects. They’re detail-oriented, “digging in” to get things done. You need spade personalities to meet deadlines in good shape. Spades are no-nonsense and despise inefficiency. Lead them by providing an orderly work schedule and clear direction. Don’t be put off by their critical eye. Listen and act on their concerns.

  • Heart folks, of course, are your people persons, great at orchestrating buy-in and teamwork. Without them, morale can plummet. Hearts are finely attuned to interpersonal dynamics, charging the atmosphere with energy and enthusiasm. They strive for harmony. Lead them by providing a safe atmosphere for discussing personal issues within boundaries. Learn from their insights. Value and trust them.
You can play out your hand and take a self-evaluation at www.playtoyourstrengths.com.

—Adapted from Play Your Best Hand, Faith Ralston, Adams Media.

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