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5 universal ingredients for success

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in Human Resources,Leaders & Managers,Workplace Communication

Wherever leaders work, they have three big jobs to do: (1) scout out the future; (2) find the right people to create that future; and (3) decide what to do—make choices.

Here’s how they succeed:
  1. Focus. According to one calculation, 95% of what we spend our time on probably doesn’t amount to much. The remaining 5% is what really matters, and we’d better be laser-focused on it to stay effective.

  2. Limited goals. Remember, having 12 goals is like having no goals. Keep it to two or three, and make some progress on those two or three every day.

  3. Followers. People will take your lead only if you explain, over and over, what two or three things need to be achieved, and why. It’s up to you to convey the vision, the mission and the goals. It’s up to your deputies to have the process in place that keeps everybody moving forward.

  4. Quick recoveries. When things run into a ditch, pull them out fast. Even if something looks as though it may possibly, under certain circumstances, be heading toward the ditch, fix it now. Keep it on the road. That means constantly challenging how things work, adjusting as fast as you can and staying ahead of the game. It’s unnerving. It bothers people. Just keep pushing ahead, though, with everybody doing their collective best to minimize mistakes. Fight cowardice, hesitation and indecision. Reward pluck.

  5. Follow through. If you finish what you start, your job security alone will rise dramatically. The biggest reason CEOs get fired is because they don’t finish what they promised to do. Do less and achieve more. Deliver, and you will be golden.
Bottom line: As the old slogan goes, just do it. —Adapted from Why Should the Boss Listen to You? James E. Lukaszewski, Jossey-Bass.

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