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Grammar Repair Shop: Is it just ‘me’?

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in Workplace Communication

One reader asks:

"Please clarify the use of the word 'I' when using a pronoun with another name, such as: 'These are the vacation schedules for Joan and I.' Do you use I or me?"

Whenever you're unsure of which pronoun to use in a situation like this and don't have time to dig into the difference between nominative and objective pronouns, try this quick tip: Read the sentence without the proper name. That way, you can tell what the right choice is.

Without the proper name "Joan," the sentence above would look like this:

"These are the vacation schedules for ___ (I/me)."

Now, you can figure out that the right answer is "me."

Test your pronoun-picking mettle, with these sentences:

"Joan and ___ (I/me) are taking vacation on the following dates...."

"The award for the best photo went to Bob and ___ (he/him)."

"Fran and ___ (she/her) wrote the speech."

"Send the letter to ___ (she/her) and Dan."

I, him, she, her.

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