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Correspondence by the numbers

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in Workplace Communication

The wide availability of document templates makes it possible to create a range of business documents without thinking about the proper format. Test your knowledge of the current standards for correspondence with this quiz.

1. On the first page of a business letter, start typing ___.
2. On a standard-size letter, set the side margins between ___ and ___ inches. A line of text should be ___ to ___ inches.
3. If your letterhead has copy running down the left side of the page, set the margin ___ to the right of this. If the letterhead features text on the bottom of the page, your last line of typing should be at least ___ above this.
4. Place at least ___ lines of spac-
ing between the letterhead and date line.
5. Place the inside address at least ___ lines below the date.
6. Allow _____ between the state and ZIP code in an address.
7. If you aren't following block style, starting each line at the left margin, indent the first line of each paragraph ____.
8. Paragraphs should extend no more than ___ lines.
9. Leave ___ between paragraphs, which should be ____-spaced.
10. The last page of a multipage letter should have at least ___ lines of text before the closing.
11. Type the complimentary closing ___ lines below the last line of the letter.
12. Allow ___ lines of space for the writer's signature.

1. Two inches from the top or a half-inch from the letterhead. For a short, single-page letter, you can center the copy vertically.
2. 1, 1.75, 5, 6.5.
3. 0.5 inch, 0.5 inch.
4. Two.
5. Two.
6. One or two spaces (both are acceptable).
7. 0.5 inch.
8. 10.
9. One line, single.
10. Three.
11. Two.
12. Four.

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