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Test your perfectionist tendencies

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in Workplace Communication

Don't miss opportunities because you're drowning in minutiae. Test your tolerance for imperfection by whether these statements describe you:

Overattentive to detail

  •  "Because I'm bogged down in details, I often don't finish projects on schedule."
  • "Every morning, I spend a great deal of time ensuring that I look just right."
  • "I frequently rewrite memos and reports, a number of times, probably too often."
  • "I've missed career opportunities because I've been too consumed by the details."


  •  "I miss a lot because I don't act quickly enough."
  • "I'm a procrastinator."
  • "I frequently become caught up in trying to make the right decision by making lists of pros and cons and researching every possible angle."
  • "I often feel discouraged and frustrated when I haven't completed every item on my to-do list."
  • "Many things I don't do—learn a new sport or tackle new projects at work—because I can't stand doing things poorly."

Inflexible WHEN dealing with people

  • "Frequently, I feel annoyed at colleagues for failing to keep on schedule with arrangements."
  • "I typically resent any advice or feedback, even if it's constructive."
  • "I'm often impatient with co-workers' flaws."
  • "I feel that once people agree to do something in a certain way, they should proceed exactly as planned; they shouldn't question or deviate from the original plan."
  • "I often hesitate to delegate be-cause I know no one else can do the job right."

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