Handling time-Clock rounding for early, late workers

Q. We don’t allow our employees to punch the time clock more than seven minutes early or clock out more than seven minutes late. How do we round up or down when calculating how to pay them for clocking in early or out late? — J.N., Connecticut

A. You must use that same increment that you use in paying employees. In your scenario, assuming that you record hours worked in increments of 15 minutes, you would round up if the employee clocks in or out seven or fewer minutes early. You would round down if the employee clocks in or out more than seven minutes early.

For example, if the starting time is 8 a.m. and an employee clocks in at 8:06, you would round down so his pay reflects a start time of 8. If that same employee arrives at 8:09, you’d round up so his starting time for pay purposes begins at 8:15.