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Gotcha! Top-Ranked Workplace Pranks from April Fools’ Day

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in Human Resources

How’s your day going so far? If the worst that’s befallen you is a stapler glued to your desk, consider yourself lucky. Here’s a rundown of some of the more elaborate workplace April Fools’ Day pranks, compiled by those jokers at Oh, and whatever you do, be careful in and around the restroom….

New policy

One creative writer sent an all-staff memo under the company president’s signature proclaiming that henceforth, all bathroom breaks would be scheduled in alphabetical order.

Tight fit

Workers in a tech company hung a slightly smaller lab coat at the workstation of a boss who was dieting. They kept it up for several weeks, substituting smaller and smaller sizes before the poor guy caught on.

Urgent message

One wisenheimer sent a page to a co-worker saying he needed to call George ASAP. The phone number was for the White House switchboard.

No exit

An employee went to the restroom. When he came out, he walked face first into a wall of tape his fast-acting co-workers had stuck outside the door.

Going out of business?

A cruel CEO placed a very large, official-looking “For Sale” sign outside the company headquarters.

Hey, buddy, are you OK?

Someone carefully arranged a pair of pants and shoes inside the only stall in the men’s room. They stayed there most of the day, until someone finally called security to make sure no one had died in there.

Woo hoo!

A festive employee filled the break room vending machine with beer.

Wrap it up

Co-workers shrink wrapped everything in a colleague’s cubicle.

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